Holiday Blues? Learn How to Stay Happy!
by Carole Nicolaides
A new year has arrived; the glamour and the happy days of the holiday season are gone. You are probably left with vivid, warm memories of friends and family, a few extra pounds plus a wallet that weighs less. Forget what happened to your banking account and your body. Here are few strategies that you can use to help you overcome the "Holiday Blues".

Focus on your health and on living healthy - With the holidays gone there are no excuses now not to really focus on your diet and health. You know what you have to do. eat right, exercise right, go to your doctor. You have the answers in you but at many times you also have the excuses for not doing anything for yourself. Give yourself a gift this year; make it a habit to care about YOU. Treat yourself with massages, weekend spas retreats, and better skin care. You deserve all that and more. Just remember if you do not care about you, nobody else will.

Plan your finances - Assess your financial position as soon as possible. What are you really worth? Write down all your debts, your expected salary and all the things that you want to acquire this year. Make a budget. Cut down on unnecessary expenses such as eating out at cheap restaurants, and other unnecessary expenses. Use professional software such as Quicken or Microsoft Money or hire a financial planner if necessary. By making minor financial changes, you'll see drastic improvements in your personal bottom line.

Clean up past emotions - Remove all the emotional blocks that are in your life. I admit it is not easy letting go of old hurts, pain, and disappointments. However, all these past incidents drain your emotional energy and have a direct impact on your present life. All the garbage of sour emotions influences the way you think and behave and ultimately your quality of life. It is vital to resolve the past, learn from the experiences, grow and start living the present. You are not the victim of your past - you're the champion of your future! Tolerate nothing- Many times friends, peers or family members hurt us yet we lack the courage to speak up. Stand up and say exactly how you feel. Not only will you get it out of your system but you may improve that relationship. After all; many people are simply not aware that they violate your emotional world. Check your environment. Perhaps you need to decrease the noise level in your house or make changes in a family member's housekeeping habits. The important thing to understand here is that in order to live a quality life you need all the energy you can get. Stop tolerating and you will stop having things that drain your energy. Say NO more frequently, especially to things that you do not want to do - Many people have found it very difficult to say no to others. They are afraid of not being liked, accepted, included and God knows what else comes into their mind. If you feel that you do not want and do not have to do something, simply say it. Most likely it will be understood.

Assess and evaluate your career - Do you really love what you are doing? Do you get compensated enough to living the life that you desire? Do your bosses and peers respect you and your work? Do you like getting up every morning and going to work? Are you excited and drawn to your profession? If these questions shake you and make you uncomfortable in any way, it is time to re-evaluate what you are doing. It is a pity if you continue working in an environment that does not respect you. For some people this may even require a new career. Don't get stuck of doing something you hate all your life, especially if you always wanted to do something else. Hire a career coach, use assessment tests, find out what your real talents are. Then create a career that will allow you to use those talents.

Reduce stress. Be quiet for at least 15 minutes every day - This may seem extreme for some people, including myself, who always need to do something. Well, we all need to grow and learn to stress less, and the best way is in developing a pre-stress treatment. Do absolutely nothing for a specified time every day. This should become your delicious treat. By allowing your self to be quiet you are alleviating stress and allowing yourself to listen to your inner YOU.

You have control over the future. Follow these strategies and manage your life as you would manage your business. Focus on YOU and on the things and people that provide you with the most joy; these are your energy sources. By being present and living close to your energy sources you will be able to stick to overcome the Holiday Blues and enjoy a better and more successful life!

Carole Nicolaides is President of Intentional Success Coaching offering Personal Success Coaching, Marketing, Business Planning and Internet Success Consulting to small businesses & large organizations.
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Carole Nicolaides
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