What Does YOUR Business Pay YOU To Do?


I've been working online now for about 24 months. During that time there have been periods when I was pleased with my business' growth and there have been periods when I have been Not so pleased with my business' growth. In fact at times I've felt like I was stuck in quicksand! During those times I have always found myself going back to this thought.

What does my business pay me to do?

If YOU are a small home business owner you are the CEO/Owner of your business. But it also means you are more than likely the accounting department, personnel director, marketing department, purchasing director, complaint department, and the maintenance department. As you can see it would be very easy to become distracted and lose focus when faced with all these demanding responsibilities. The fact is that there are dozens of things that come up on a daily basis in business to distract you and slow you down. This is an easy trap to fall into.

What I want to discuss is what your business pays you to do.

Most small businesses, home businesses, MLM businesses pay you to do only a couple things:

1) Sell your product or service.
2) Bring people into the business and help them get started selling and bringing in associates/distributors just like you are.


Those are the only one or two things you actually get paid to do. Those things DIRECTLY make you money!

Wouldn't it be nice if that was ALL we had to spend our time doing? Unfortunately there are lots of other things you need to do that your business does NOT pay you for directly.

1) Making copies.
2) Returning phone calls and emails.
3) Designing and updating your web pages.
4) Going to training and meetings.
5) Writing sales letters, press releases, and articles.
6) Faxing.
7) And many more!

All these things are necessary but they don't pay you directly. These things earn you money indirectly.


As a small business owner you will soon see that time is your greatest "luxury" and your worst "enemy." You just can't be everything to everybody. There are only 24 hours in a day, only seven days a week, and only ONE of you! You have to spend your time wisely or your business will "bog down" and come to a screaching hault. In other words you will FAIL.

So how do I control all this madness and spend my time as I should Leon?

1) Unless you have a true emergency spend 75% of your worktime for each day doing only what your business pays you DIRECTLY for doing.

a) Sell your product or service.
b) Bring people into the business and help them get started selling and bringing in associates/distributors just like you do.

This means advertise, Advertise, ADVERTISE!

Many of you may have already heard this little story about the guy who was interviewing Ted Turner (billionaire, Turner Broadcasting Network). The guy asked Ted his secret to success in so many words.

Ted replied: "Early to bed and early to rise. Work like hell and advertise!"

Enough said.

2) Keep this list of things limited to NO MORE than 25% of your worktime for that day.

a) Making copies.
b) Returning phone calls and emails.
c) Designing and updating webpages.
d) Going to training and meetings.
e) Writing sales letters, press releases, and articles.
f) Faxing.
g) Publishing a newsletter.
h) All those other little things.

You can cut corners on a few of these things. Here are some quick suggestions:

a) Ask a family member or pay the kid next door to make some copies for you. Your time is more valuable than that. You just need to check them for accuracy.

b) Get voice mail or an answering machine for your phone. Return business calls at a designated time every day (ie. >From 3:30 to 4:00 pm daily return phone calls). Make brief notes to make sure you ask all you need to know. Keep it brief, polite, and professional.

RE: Email: You may or may not agree with this but it's the only way I can exist.

If I don't recognize the name or subject title "poof" it's gone. I get hundreds of classified and link confirmations every day as well as hundreds of pieces of spam daily. I CAN'T; nor do I WANT to read all this stuff. My ads, ARs, salesletters, etc. are all coded till I can easily pick them out of the spams and confirmations. I can also easily pick out the ezines and the discussion lists I subscribe to. Also, unless I work very late into the night the first morning email download is by far the biggest. I boot up start to download email and go take a shower. No need to set there and watch 279 emails download. :-) Do your first email download of the day while you are doing something else offline or away from the computer.

c) Webpage designing and updating are a must. It doesn't take all day to make a few changes or put together a new page. Unless you are doing an html ezine or something that requires updating daily; a few hours a week should be enough once your site is initially built.

Building a large site from scratch is a different story. :-)

d) Training and meetings. If your business requires person to person training that's fine. Not much of a way to get around that. Meetings are not an issue with 100% online businesses usually. However, if your business opportunity is also online and offline you very well may have to deal with weekly meetings. It's always a chore to have to go these every week, but you need to go as much as you can. It keeps you motivated and proves you're a serious leader to your downline. If you have a guest attending the meeting or downline members attending the meeting you OWE it to them to be there. Otherwise...your call.

e) Writing sales letters, press releases, and articles. Try to write these on a regular basis. Read over them over and over again aloud to yourself. Fine tune them. These are a very, very serious tool. If you are terrible at it contact Dr. Kevin Nunley. He's excellent and well worth it! Just for the record I'm not affiliated with Dr. Nunley, just a fan. To pay $65, $75, or even $100 for a really good sales letter is NOTHING. It will be worth many times more than that to your business I assure you. It's just the "cost of doing business" if you need the help.

f) Faxing can usually be done from home or office now so it isn't a "biggie" usually; unless your business involves lots of faxing. If you don't fax from home try not to have to make a "special trip" out of the house to do your faxing. Do it while you are out to the post office, grocery store, or something like that.

If you want to increase your income DO WHAT YOUR BUSINESS PAYS YOU TO DO!

Leon Brickey

©Leon Brickey


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