Gifts From The Scrapper: Put your supplies to work!
by Brandie Valenzuela
Being an avid scrapper has made me think of the many other ways I can use my scrapbooking skills and supplies. For example, last Thanksgiving and Christmas, I sent out handmade cards to my family and friends. I already had a large supply of scrapping papers on hand and with use of my Fiskars Paper Edgers, and some rubber stamps, I was able to make some pretty cute cards! Of course, you could easily whip up your own, but cards are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gifts that you can make and give. Read on and I will share with you some gift ideas that show you to be a true scrapper!

Matted Photo Frames: I don't know about you, but I can always use frames, and this would be one gift that I would love to receive! Purchase a plain, inexpensive frame and with a pattern paper, you will create a mat for it. You can give this with a photo in it or without -- either way will work. One of the best ways to create a mat is by using a paper trimmer, but you can do one without also.

Photo Family Tree: Using cropped photos, create a small version of your family tree, and present it in a nice frame. Design Originals (800-877-7820) has a great family tree paper that you just add in the photos and journaling. This paper is item #0135 and may be in your local scrapbooking supply store.

Calendars: Creating a calendar for a gift has been made easy with products such as Therm o Web's Keep a Memory Calendar Kit or with Scrap-Ease Memory Calendar Kit (check you local scrapbook supply store) -- just about everything is included in these kits. If you have software on your computer which allows to print up calendar pages, you can make one easily yourself! Be sure to top each month with photograph and include important dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Recipe Book: This idea is perfect for a newlywed couple or for anyone who can use a collection of those great family recipes! Take treasured family recipes and a solid colored or cooking themed paper. You can either print out the recipes from your computer or handwrite them onto recipe cards and then glue onto the paper. Then take a photograph (if available) of the person's who recipe it is and glue that onto the page near the recipe. For example, include a picture of Great Grammy near her famous zucchini recipe. Be sure to enclose each page of the recipe book in a sheet protector and place in a decorated three ring album or binder.

Scrapbook Starter Kit: This is easy gift to put together for a person on your list who talks about starting a scrapbook, but never seems to get going! First, pick out an assortment of papers -- either purchase a package of paper for them or pick out some individual pattern papers. Include some form of adhesive -- an Avery "Glue Stic" is an inexpensive way to go. Then, if you have your own templates, cut some die cuts to include in the kit. If you have Internet access, consider printing out some of the web pages that have beginner guides to scrapbooking and put these in a binder. Package all of these things and more in a nicely decorated box, basket, or gift bag.

Bathtub Fun: If you have an assortment of templates, put them to use for a child's bathtime fun! Buy some Fun Foam sheets (available at most craft stores) and trace your templates onto them. Cut out the shapes and now you have a simple, inexpensive gift for a little one -- when they take a bath the foam shapes will "stick" to the bathtub.

Gift Certificates of your time: Make gift certificates that say things like: "Good for one scrapping session - with my supplies!" "Good for lunch and a scrapping session" or even "Good for one scrapbooking lesson." Not only is this an inexpensive gift, but it will motivate you to work on your own scrapbooks!

Completed Scrapbook Pages: If you already have photographs of another family member or friend, complete several scrapbook pages for them, so all they have to do it put them in their album. If you know someone who admires your scrapbooking, but doesn't have the time to do her own, offer a gift to her of completing several pages for her, with the photos that she has.

About this author: Brandie Valenzuela is married and a mother of two children. She is currently expecting their third child in December of 2000. If you like this article, be sure to check out her other website, "Family First" at: While you are there, be sure to sign up for her FREE weekly newsletter devoted to your and your family and her FREE daily ezine called "Daily Holiday Recipe"!


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