Major No No's for Web Site Images!!
One of the main reasons for starting an eZine is to (hopefully) send some additional traffic to your site and improve your sales/percentages/income, or whatever you're promoting.
There are many additional ways to promote a web site but none are quite as effective as your own newsletter or eZine.

When I was just beginning to find my way around the 'net', trying to be a good 'netizen' but desperate to drive some traffic my way, I tried everything anyone suggested.

Here is a short story about one of my not so successful efforts.

I was reading a post in one of the groups I belong to and it reminded me of my first experience with one of the (so called) Internet "GURU's!!

I've had an affiliate program in place with ClickTrade for a long time, and a few months back I bought some software to make my own banners.

Of course, as soon as I figured out to use it - uh yeah. No simple task when you don't understand half of what the "*^%#*&%" thing is talking about!- (Still don't really, but I'm, gettin' there--grrrrr)

Anyway, I went totally crazy making banners for my site!!

Man I made blinking banners & scrolling twisting spinning, shutters, and tried every color I could create as well as some that couldn't even be called a color!

Had an absolute ball!!

So, now I had all these "things" and wanted them to be used by some of the affiliates I had through Click Trade!

I built a page showing all these and put (what I thought was) a linking code instructing folks how to link to these.

This page was a real sight to see .... It did everything under the sun except talk!!

I was so proud I was floating... Expected traffic to jump off the scale!
I'm here to tell you...Folks, I had arrived!

Well.....the results were less than what I'd hoped for, actually my traffic went the other way! hmmm.......
What the heck had happened??

In about two weeks, I received an email from this "Guru" instructing me that he WAS a "Guru", and all of these items were wrong on my linking page.

1)The code was wrong - it needed to be blah,blah,blah....
2)I needed to specify the width and height of each banner.
(Now how the devil was I supposed to know that???)
3)I needed to specify (alt) tags....
(What in blue blazes is an (alt tag?)
(And why do I need it- people see the banner right!)
4)I needed to give the (xxxK) size of each banner.
(And pray tell - what does that mean?)
(I'm supposed know what the "hey" he's talking about?)

Talk about a bruise to my ego-------------

So I wrote him back, thanking him for the information and told him I really needed the help of a "Guru"!

He never replied.... Not sure why..... Guess he thought I was too stupid for him to waste his valuable time on...

Oh well - I never was too impressed with self- proclaimed experts of any type. Too late to change now!!!

Of course he was right on all counts, as I soon learned by reading everything I could get my hands on about these four items.
But I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to know the dimensions??
Hey I just made the things - the software decided how it wanted to size them right? NOT---

Anyway, I corrected most of the errors he was talking about, and slowly began to see my banners on some of my affiliates sites.

Problem was they were so "heavy" it took forever to download!

Back to the drawing board---learning how to make the things lighter - fewer colors - less tricks - more direct message, and regulate the size! Shrink the things etc.

Never did hear from that "Guru" again but sure did learn not to get too excited until I'd tested and made sure all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted.

Oh yes, I did learn why "alt" tags etc. are necessary!
Some folks surf with their graphics turned off!! (But why??? Isn't that half the fun?....Oh well.)

By using "alt" tags even these people can tell what a link is for.

The other specs, are used to increase the download time! Makes sense once you know these things.

It would seem to me that this fella could have included that in his email! Guess "Guru's" just don't do that!

He probably wished I'd stay off the "net" and leave it to the so-called experts!

Sorry - I ain't gonna' do that either!
I'll just keep muddlin' along learning as I go.
Hey maybe one day I'll be a "Guru"??
duh..........NOT! (LOL)

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